Photobook friday – a democracy of photographs

About ten years ago I found this heavy weighted llustated book on discount in a bookshop in Berlin.The price was unbeatable and ever since it has a special place in my bookshelf.

Not only it is a reminder of the horrific events that happened that day – that almost everybody can remember – but also because it’s a timeless book of memories and photographs that speak as witnesses for themselfs.

A democracy of photographs is devided in between sections of colour and black and white photographs, taken by random witnesses of this tragic event. These sections are separated by blank pages of blue, black and white colour.

My first impression was to see hope (blue), later horror and terror (black) and at least innoscence (white) in these photographs.

Many of them represent a respectful contemporary witness that shows human emotions in all of its forms. Anger, fear, terror, hope, devastation, shock and pure sorrow. It also shows how humanity can act and perform under massive stress together. Moments of support and help throughout all races and hierarchies can be seen.

A masterpiece of an illustated book, that should read by everyone who is interested in documentary photography .