Photobook friday – Meisterwerke der Fotografie

A new category is now coming up on my blog – “photobook friday“.

My plan is to post – as long as I don’t run out of them – each friday a photobook that I own. I’ll share with you my thoughts on these books, whether I like or dislike them, where you can get them and If you should get them. Let me know what you think of my recommendations and if I should continue with posting these.

For today I got myself a new entrant in my library. “Meisterwerke der Fotografie” from Bernd Stiegler and Felix Thürlemann published by Reclam. Even if I haven’t finished it yet, I can totally recommend this little paperback. It contains 150 photographs starting from the early stage of photography until the year 2009. Starting with the very first pieces from Thomas Wedgwood and Nicéphore Niépce until Harry Callahan and many many others. Almost all of these photos come in black and white and each of them is being described by a little essay.

The quality of the printed photos – though in a small size since it’s a paperback – is superb.

The collection stands definately outside the crowd, you’ll find less known photographs compared to other collections like the well known George Eastman House Collection.


All in all an inexpensive must have for all photos enthusiasts.