Photobook friday – Personal exposures by Elliot Erwitt

Tired of chasing new gear? Tired of lame Christmas gifts from family, friends and loved ones? Lack of inspiration with your current photography ?

Here’s the ultimate solution: go and buy photo books.

It’s a rather inexpensive investment, that will make every Euro count and well spent. Whenever I’m stuck with my photography and I’m in the thinking process of buying new gear to get out of this situation – I’m just grabbing one of my photo books that lie in my self and become instantly inspired.

This weeks episode is about the all well known Elliot Erwitt with his book “Personal Exposures“. A gift that I have received last christmas from my mom and I definately would put that on the top 5 of my all time favourite photo books.


It’s a book completely full of black and white photographs from his work overseas and it shows you a very subtle insight into America’s society and history. Combined with his masterly vision and composition, he crafted a book that is full of strong photographs and little, yet decisive moments.


My favourite page from this book.


I’ve enjoyed reading this book many, many times and with a price of about 30 Euros in a mint condition – it is a perfect source for inspiration on street- portrait- and documentary photography.

Go and get your issue.