Photobook friday – Vienna by Severin Koller

My personal all time favorite street photography magazine made by Severin Koller.

A young austrian street photographer, that I’ve been following for a really long time, finally published his first zine: Vienna.

As you can see on the cover of this really well made magazine, it is a collection of streetlife photographs taken in Austria’s capital, Vienna.  Kept in black and white and shot on a Leica M6 – for all the fanboys and haters out there.


Severin is a photographer that has the ability to capture not only decisive moments, but also seemingly trivial moments and scenes, that definitely deliver a grotesque and ludicrous message.


A photographer that has heavily influenced me and my photography.

It’s always an inspiration to read his blog posts on – – and to browse through this magazine – especially if you are stuck with your photography or the way you’re approaching people on the street.


Coming from a European background myself, I find it highly enlightening to browse through Severin’s impressions of his hometown Vienna. At first glance it might be just another European metropole, but Severin finds a new story to tell.

He goes beyond the typical way of portraying a city, or the life in the streets through a camera.

It’s the little details that craft together this very different zine about Vienna: observations that guide you through their powerful but always subtle and respectful art, through the entire sujet: still lifes, portraits, documentation, blurry cars in the background of a hectic city – all thoughtfully and artistically selected yet portrayed with an obvious spontaneous passion.


Vienna“ is in my opinion a precious must have for everyone who is into street photography and documentation of urban landscape, cities and human beings.