Plaza Corniche

One night in Plaza. As I wrote in my last entry, it’s always nice to go there. Last year, some collegues of me, Thomas and Monika went there. Love the light. God I was starving. I just ordered spaghetti, after 5 minutes of our arrival.

Everybody else ordered beer. Thomas. The coach. The  soccer star. The guy with the rolex.

5 minutes and 3 empty glasses later.

But there was more beer in bottles.

Markus. Love the light in the background.

Yeah. He was proud of his watch. He told me, that he won this Rolex in a Pokergame. Kind of pimped buy a german guy.

Spaghetti. God I loved them.

Again, it’s funny to see people working their asses of with the canon. Even with autofocus, it’s to difficult for some people, to put the focus right 😀

Look at this.

Wanna buy it?


And her beers.

God, I will miss this place so much. This atmosphere, the warm summer breeze, the good pizza and the cheap ass service. Lovely atmosphere.