Poros – a paradise in the Saronic Gulf

My second summer here in Greece. It has been a summer full of travelling, swimming in the ocean, being gifted with a couple of visits from my beloved friends and one thing that I enjoy the most: new impressions.

My friends Chris, Max and Katja visited me once again for a long weekend in this astonishing country. We’ve spend our time having countless “freddo” coffees, long walks in and around Athens and we also had a quick two days trip on the beautiful island Poros.

Chris enjoying his time here in Kiffisia, a neighbourhood in the north of Athens.


While I’m living in Halandri – an area at the subburbs around Athens – I always enjoy my time exploring different subburbs and neighbourhoods. Just by chance I’ve stumbled across this beautiful coffee place in Kiffisia. I’ve never seen such a comfortable Starbucks before. I can highly reccomend it for a visit.

It’s hidden behind some little alleys and it’s not exposed to the main road in Kiffisia. A perfect place for having a good coffee, chat and time to blog of course.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

Max doing some serious buisness on his phone.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

After we had a good time in Athens, we decided spontaneously to go to Poros. We took the ferry on a friday afternoon after I finished my work.

On a lonely sunday morning I passed by this sign and I couldn’t resist to take a photograh.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

My little heaven.

Green plants, a calm place to live. No stress, no hecticness. That’s all I wish for.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

Coffee time at Love Bay. Such a beautiful and small beach and bar to rest with good company. The bartenders provided us with a strong freddo and some decent club sandwhiches.


After we’ve spend some time there, we have changed to Russian Bay. A perfect white beach with an old abandoned russian garrison.

No tourists and no loud music – which makes it the perfect place to stay on a lazy summer beach day. At least to me.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

Since I only have a 100mm lens on my Hasselblad, I wasn’t able to capture the true beauty of Russian Bays beach.

I decided to have a little walk into the woods, behind the garrison.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

Words and photos won’t be able to describe the scenery.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer sound of thousands of cicadas, singing their mediterranean soundtrack. Combined with this beautiful surrounding – a place to stay and disconnect from all the routine and stress.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

And then these fellas crossed my path.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

The town of Poros offers many beautiful and typical greec alleys. It’s an endless fun to have long walks and discover these beautiful places. Which we did for a while.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

And sometimes there is a guardian watching you.


But even the toughest guardian needs a rest from time to time.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

On top of Poros town. It’s a small hill with a beautiful clock tower. The view from there is stunning and made me speechless.

We stayed here for a while and enjoyed our time and the view over Poros and the Pelopponnese on the far side.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160

Chris enjoying the atmosphere.


Our way back to the port. Sad and happy at the same time. Poros is such a beautiful island.

Hope to see you soon.

Analogue, Agfa Portrait 160