Portraits and bokeh

Christmaaaaaaaaaaas ! To me the best time in the year. I’m actually not a christian, and I don’t like this hole consume-gifts-thing. But I adore the smell and the atmosphere and the lights during that time. 2011 I took some days off and I went to Berlin. A friend of mine, Sana, joined me in Berlin for a shopping tour. We went to the most famous KaDeWe and my favorite place at Christmas time, the Potsdamer Platz. It as become a ritual for me, to go there before Christmas Eve and to enjoy the mood there. It’s a spectacular play with lights there.

I took some closeups from Sana. My plan for next year is to buy the 50mm 1.2 lens. I’m exited to see the bokeh with that lens !

After hours of shopping, we had coffee in the restaurant of the KaDeWe.

Da lacht es, das Arabische.

I know, I know. Haven’t you posted enough bokeh shots? No. There is never enough for me !

Outside, I had to take another portrait of her. It was quite hard to focus on her, since I didn’t use flash. Available light is more natural to me. Love the outcome.

Time for bokeh !

Guess what that was !

Can’t get enough of these.

Under the roof of the Potsdamer Platz, I tried to capture some more portraits of her, but I failed. Somehow I coulnd’t get a normal white balance of her. Her skin is red brown, but with the lights around her, the camera turnt it into purple. It wasn’t possible to change that with post-production. If you know why, let me know.

Next time, I’ll bring a sunbouncer. The outcome is too dark.

These trees where the background.

After an hour train-ride, I went home. I was so tired and glad to be there. Especially around Christmas I really love my old room. My parents decorate it always with nice lights.

Before I got home, I passed by at our own christmas tree. The one from my hometown. Nice atmosphere.