Prague. The city, that I love the most. I can’t recall how many times i’ve been there. At least more then 10 times. It always gives me a pleasure to walk through it’s gothic streets. It has this dark and heavy atmosphere. Especially in the nights or then the city is covered in fog.

It think, i’ve been the first time there with 14 years. Part of my family comes from the Czech Republic and we used to visit the country and it’s capitol a lot. I remember sunny days and very inexpensive and good food.

Since I lived since summer 2007 in Tunis, I really needed a short holiday and break. Max wanted to join me for a trip to Prague. We found a small little flat. Our plan was to see some nice Metalcore and Postrock gigs and I wanted to use the day-time for shopping and photography.

We arrived at thursday in the apartment. It was in a nice area next to the core of the city. I loved the backyard.

In the morning, we stood there. Coffee and shorts. An we just stared at these buildings. It was cold and we could see our breaths. But I really enjoyed the urban silence there.

The inside of the apartment was nice. Very clean and comfortable. Nice kitchen and two soft places to sleep in. We prepared everything for our trips. Film and camera for me and beers for Max.

I love the details of our backyard. I really want to see this as large print. Go for black and white.

It was a beautiful mix between urban buildings and some nature. I wasn’t to grey and heavy.

A small panorama of the backyard.

Closeup of a garage. Would be nice for a BBQ there. In summer of course.

We always checked some places for good coffee. Here, we found a nice place to stay for a while. I took dozens of photos in there.

Max really enjoyed his coffee.

It was the first time for me to go more serious into photography. Not only ruins and objects. But portraits and some street.

Classic pose.

I went outside and I took some shots with my Rolleiflex 2.8F. I bought this camera in the suqs of Tunis. Beautiful piece and it still works. 400iso film. Think it was Kodak.

Back to digital. Easier for snapshots.

I wanted to have at least one really nice streetshot. Next time: shot people from upfront and not from their backs. I still had to learn a lot at that time.

Two of my favorite shots from this tour. My heroine.

And this one. Max staring outside.

In the evening, we were going to the cities most famous castle. The Hradshin. A beautiful place to stay. Really dark and gothic. Especially in the evening. Then you won’t find too many tourists. At that time, I didn’t own a wide-angle lens, so I decided to just take some portraits of Max. Next time, I’ll defiantly go for some architecture.