Revolution in Tunisia

So there’s a revolution going on in Tunisia.

A collegue and I, we had a recon tour through Tunis. It was the 15th of January 2011. Ben Ali has left the country and marshall law was effective. It was a sunny morning and he woke me up, on the phone. “Hey man, i’m right now at the Habib Bourgiba and it’s full of military”. I was just like: “Dude, pick me up. RIGHT NOW! I HAVE to take pictures.” So we arrived there around 9am. Fortunatly all of those soldiers have been quit nice, and nobody cared, that I took some photos.

We had a ride in our car, but I still felt uncomfortable.

In almost every street soldiers prepared their tanks and  amoured cars. They prepared themselves for another mob, that crushes the streets.

25°, sun, oil and tanks. What do you want more?

The dove of peace?

Tanks everywhere.

Tanks where ever you look at.

I even tried to hide the camera. I was kind of afraid, that these soldiers will stop us.

They weren’t pleased, when I took the photos. But we where fast 🙂 I just saw them complaining, but actually we didn’t care. I just wanted to have photos from the current situation.

I’m still surprised, that they didn’t stop us.

The whole atmosphere was strange to me. 10 o’clock in the morning, 25 degrees in Tunis and tanks, tanks, tanks.

Helicopters searched the area for looters.

It was a nice tour throughout the city. But you still felt a kind of tension in the air.

Looters everywhere. They even raided one of the big supermarkets.

My collegue said “Dammit. This is how I imagine Vietnam”. I’m interested, what other people will think of these photos. From Tunisia with love… err… tanks.

I hope, that this current situation won’t last that long.

Love the colour version.