Ruins and waterfalls

One of my first weekend trips here in Greece was to Loutra Edipsou in Evia. Since I’ve changed from Beirut to Athens and I completed all things that had to be dealt with, I was glad that my dear colleagues planned this trip on a end-of-october weekend.


The city Edipsous was some kind of town for therapeutic baths, due to it’s hot springs at the shore. Unfortunately time and the economic crisis didn’t spare the little town and we came across emtpy streets, empty shops and even more empty restaurants.

We had a long walk from the city centre into one of it’s countless abandonded ruins, that was supposedly a place for it’s patients.

The only noticeable object that I found was this little still life.


The rest of the area was more or less completely deserted.


In between the ruins I found this little fella. I named him “Fert“. And he seemed to be pretty happy, chillin’ here around.


Due to the fact, that I’ve grown up in the eastern part of Germany I came across countless ruins of former military stations and this place reminded me so much of these locations that I photographed a thousand times.

Needless to say, that I got bored very quickly of it. Years ago I enjoyed taking photographs there, but nowaday I love it more to take photographs of people in the streets and to capture things that are more alife, than these ruins.


It seemed, as if even the city itself was ready for abandonment. Somebody took it’s road signs and stored it in one of these barracks.


Since we arrived late at afternoon into town, we just relaxed at our hotel, had dinner and talked for a while on our balcony.

After a strong breakfast, we headed to Drymona waterfalls and I was glad for a change of location. It becan to mizzle and we hiked through a stunning forest for about 20 minutes until we reached the small waterfall.


The scenery was amazing and I loved the fresh air, the silence and the vivid green of mother nature.


It was such a peaceful place and I definately plan to come back to take a few more photographs and to hike a few more miles through this forest.


Autumn clearly began to show it’s presence.


Alex enjoyed the view.


This place reminded so much of the forests in Germany. I completely forgot – due to my stays in Lebanon and Tunisia, how much I love being in a forest.


An old tree.


I had fun sneaking over stones and under very old an heavy trees.


And suddenly the sky cleared up for a little moment and I was able to capture an overview of the scenery, before it began to rain.


On our tour back we came across a very heavy thunder storm and we even had to pause a while, due to storm losses on the streets. Still I enjoyed this trip very much. I loved to change my point of view from Athens urban areas to a green and fresh smelling forest.


My favorite photograph from that day, ready for being printed on fiber.