Another old set of ruins. Took these photos in 2006, but I never worked on them. These buildings are long gone. It’s funny. I actually can’t recall, where they’ve been.

Max was so kind to join me on this tour. He used to take photos with his old Exa-1b camera. I never saw his photos. Would be nice to scan them + reblog them.

Again: compared to nowadays, I think I improved my style of taking photographs.

But I always had this love for graffiti’s <3.

I remember. There’s been a dozen buildings in our area, that was left behind from the russian army in my hometown. We entered this building, but it was in a real bad shape.

Dressed just in black clothes – it was a pain in the ass to meter and expose right.

Again. Ruins, debris and trash. Boring to photograph.  But it was my only canvas at that time.