So I spent new years eve in the desert. Some collegues of mine and me decided to go to Ksar Gilene and “Camp Zmela”. We stayed one night in a hotel in Douze and took a quad trip with around 140 kilometers to the camp. We started at the 30th of december an arrived on day later. Prepared with gear, camera, water, beers and suncreme!

It was one of the most beautiful trips i’ve ever made. Exhausting, but stunning. In the middle of nowhere, we met some foreigners. They were stuck with there 4×4’s.

This was my ride.

After 8 hours(!) of quadbiking, we arrived in “Camp Zmela”. God I needed that shower. We packed our stuff into the tents, we ate and had a short new years eve party. Everybody was just tired and exhausted. And full of sand.

That was our tent.

I woke up at 8 in the morning. It was so freezing cold. I put on 2 hoodies, and my leather jacket and I still shaked because of the cold air. But at the same time, the air was so clear.

Looks peacefull, huh ?

Love the light that morning.

Closeup from our tent.

The sand was soft as powder. I could play for hours in it.

During the breaks I always took a walk into the dunes. I always thought: “now I will find something interesting like bones or metal”. But I just found rotten plants and wood.

Beautiful, isn’t it? As far as you could look: sand.

I want to see this one day as a large print.

Time for textures.



I’ll never get enought of this.

Want to see this as print, too.

Always some black and white versions for me. Look at this fool 😀

My collegue. Posing for the family album. In our hotel we bought some cheep scarfs. Best decision ever. Good protection against the sand.

My gear.

I’ll print that, too.

Our guides showed us the traditional way to wear the scarfs.

My ride and my backpack with camera.

I was so tired.