Same shot – different day

Gänseblümchen. One of these days in 2007. I was stuck in a eye candy photography style. I was Influenced over the past years through an art site, called deviantart.

I spend hours per day there, while I browsed through dozens of galleries. I was, and actually I’m still impressed, by the level of technique and creativity some people have there. But in the end it just slowed my process in finding my own style. I just sat in front of the pc and I was astonished, how good some people are.

I didn’t spend that time with taking pictures. While I did take a photo, I just had things in my mind like “You have to be as good as this one, or as that one…”. I never really SAW things. I just copied things.

Nowadays it’s different. But I still like to share these old photographs of mine. It’s always a progress.

The easiest way to take a photograph is just to push the trigger. It’s harder to find a person that will pose for you. Thats why I went to these places. I wasn’t selfconfidend enough to really do some difficult shots. Posting photos of graffiti’s is more easy.

Still, these are some nice pieces, that I would like to share.

You remember that setting? I wonder whats inside these barrels. Oil?

The tower. I always wanted to do some portraits there. Maybe next holidays.

I definatly have to speak to some people, that lived longer in my hometown. Long enough, to tell me, what kind of factory it was. Maybe a separate storage facility for our train station?

Again. Proof of vandalism. If all these places would’ve been teared away, there would ye so much space for forests and green areas. Problem like always: it costs money. What an eyesore in our landscape.

I alleyways asked myself, what was inside this building.

Graffity art by unknown. Seem, as we have a at least a couple of crews here. Give them the fame they need.