Shipwrecks in Bizerta

There’ve been two old shipwrecks in Bizerta. We took alot of tours there, but we actually never climbed them. 2008 I finally got my collegues to accompany me to the wrecks and one of them climbed with me on top.

Rough and stunning locations.

Since twenty years, these old ships have been lying at the beach.

I really want to know, why they hit the shore.

I was so amazed by this location.

The second one was quite intact.

Some fishermen tried to cath fish here.

Wideangle shot.

We climbed until the bridge. Unfortunatly I didn’t have a backpack at that time. I couldn’t take my camera with me. But I was really, really happy, when I reached the top.

It was all rusted and broken. The wind, the salt water and the demolition by looters showed off.

I felt like in “Farcry”. The scene with the old air craft carrier. I’m a geek.

I loved the textures and the play with the light.

We used the motorblock as ladder. It was a great way inside the beast.

We took that way up. I was kind of afraid to fall down, but in the end my excitement won.

I still don’t know, why we didn’t fall through the rusted floor.

Artificial veins for the beast.