Shooting: Bacchae by Euripides

Five weeks ago I did a photo shoot for a directing concept on “Bacchae”  by Euripides that Vanessa had to deliver as an essay for her master studies.

The shooting took place on a warm and sunny afternoon at Plateia Chrysochoou in the heart of N. Psychiko. Vanessa and I discovered the place while we had a walk in this area with a coffee and we felt that we had to organize a photoshoot there. It’s a mixture of concrete walls and benches under the shade of mediterranean trees and architecture from the nearby buildings.

Our setup was very simple, we used an octobox and a strip light with two flashes.

Makeup was done by Vanessa herself and we had four models, who posed as cyborgs-bacchae. Pierra Fotiadou, Christina P., Nancy Gika and Ann-Venette Christodoulou.


Since Chris and Frank were here on a short visit over the weekend, Frank joined the shooting.


The concept:

Thiva, Greece. Sometime in the future.

In order not to get sick, old or die, humanity has transformed into cyborgs. But with eternal health and life, they lost feelings, love, life itself.

Dionysus returns to the hometown of his mother as a pure “Human-God” to remind people that life is only worth when it is lived in its fullness. He releases the women of the city from their cyborg electronic parts and teaches them again how to feel, enjoy and love. So, they join his bacchic followers.

To complete the circle though and regain lost humanity, Agavi, the king’s daughter, has to kill in frenzied madness her only son: the android Pentheus.


And a closeup of the cyborgs.


Bill Pantazis as Dionysos in the background, guarded by man-machine beings.


Dionysos trying to rip out the artificial part of one of the cyborgs whilst the others are watching motionless.


A close up of Bill. A very good looking and talented guy here in Greece. A perfect cast for the acting as the greek god of wine, theatre and religious ecstasy.


Nancy is ready for her transformation from cyborg into a metahuman being.


The longer you stare at me, the more likely you will be dead“. Still I had to take this shot of this deadly cyborg.


We tried to produce some character portraits and behind the scenes photographs for an upcoming exhibition in Cyprus.


Even though I play a minor part, I’m very excited about the outcome. It’ll be the first time, that my photographs are going to be exhibited.


Closeup with the Canon 85mm 1.2f.


With the transformation of the cyborgs back into human beings, we changed our location into the wild nature.

While the first part of the shooting involved concrete, metal and glass as setting and also cyborgs as main protagonists, we tried to change the whole scenery into a more natural setting. It was quite difficult to achieve a group portrait within this area, due to the urban enviroment.

Fortunately we found a spot with green plants and orange trees in the background.



A character study of the three cyborgs.


Dionysos trying to free the cyborg from it’s  artificial nature. A nature without feelings, joy and love.


All of our protagonists together with the director Vanessa on one last photograph.

They all did an awesome and stunning job. It was a pleasure to work with them, even the circumstances have been challenging, due to the public nature of the location.

Some more analoge photographs from my Hasselblad are yet to come and I hope to also have more future projects coming up. It was a blast !