Siddi Jeddidi

The tank-field at Siddi Jeddidi. We found it by chance. I’ve been in Hammameth with a collegue of mine in 2008. We visited his friend and asked for a nice tour around Hammameth. One of the guides from the hotel told us about this little village, that is sourrounded by old tanks and wracks of military vehicles.

We had a walk there and we were stunned by the landscape. Another post with the photos from 2008 will follow. I’ve been there again in 2011 and I took some photos of textures. I wanted to collect some more of them for photo-manipulation.

It was a beautiful saturday morning.

The skin of a tank. Rust and holes from bullets.

Even the colour faded away.

Some numbers.

Inside the tank there was a nice inscription. Definitely usable for photo-manipulation.

Nice contrasts.

After the short, but cold winter I was glad to see some footprints of spring.

Perfect place to rest and sleep for a while.