Sidi Jeddidi II

The second tour, that we took in 2007 to the old tank-field in Hammameth. Siddi Jeddidi, to be exactly. Matze was so kind and took a photo of me, while I rested totally exhausted on one of the hills around the tank-field.

We took a long march from the parking to the tanks. Sun was shining and we tried to figure out, why the hell some of these tanks are being left here.

Our colleague mentioned, that it was probably an old shooting range. Thats why you can find a lot of these craters there.

Tons of old ammunition can be found there, too.

As far as I can rembember, we found 5 tanks and dozens of old and destroyed trucks.

They fired many rounds at the tanks. Even the bulletproof glass was broken.

Bullet holes.

Rust was everywhere.


Amazing landscape. If you can get there, take some quad bikes with you. It’s an amazing scenery and quite wide to walk.

View from another hill.

Back on the road. Alex and me. 2007.