Sidon II

2 weeks ago we did a quick trip for lunch so Sidon. Weather was perfect and we had nothing else to do. 2 colleagues of mine and me, stuck for hours in the traffic jam…

Sidon II 1

Somehow Sidon is not that war from Beyrouth, but it took us soooo long to get there. First thing we did: check out for some nice restaurants.

Sidon II 2

Guess what: all of them crowded. We were stuck in the traffic jam anyway, so we had to wait.

Sidon II 3

After we found a parking, we had a walk along the market. Nice raw area here. We even found some foam plastic for the beanbags of Jonas. 5 bucks 😉

Sidon II 4

After a while we had coffee. Typical tourist thing: check on the photos, which you’ve made. Andre was being the portrayed one.

Sidon II 5

The coffee was strong.

Sidon II 6

We found a restaurant with a nice view over the corniche of Sidon.

Sidon II 7

Sebastian was pleased. They served us typical lebanese food. Hot mezze.

Sidon II 8

Starters were hot chillies and olives. And cheesrolls. Yummi.

Sidon II 9

Later we walked past the suqs, but I found nothing worth to photograph. Next time: longer walk with more time.

Sidon II 10