As far as I can remember, Sidon was massively influenced by the crusaders. We started around 8 o’clock in the morning, by picking up Steffen and Maike. Our aim for that day was to have a walk around Sidon, with history lessons and lunch in the suq’s.

If you are into old cars, by the way, then go to Beyrouth.

This one is for Jonas.

The sun was bright and the cars in Sidon were old.

The Medina was really silent. I was looking for a place like this, since I’m spoiled with the beautiful Medina in Tunis.

After many junctions, stairs and turn arounds, we found a little museum.  I forgot again what that place was. But it was definitely influenced by the knights templars.

I enjoyed my time there. Mediterranean atmosphere, combined with a mixture of oriental and occidental influences.

That was the dining room.

Typical ceiling decoration. Almost the same as in Tunis. Love that style.

A banner from the knights templars. I want one of these for my bedroom.

The carpet was huge.

We walked around the building and entered the rooftop. It was midday and sun burned like hell. The city was still asleep and we planned to have a walk to a cemetery and market in the afternoon.


I just love that mediterranean flair. The azure of the sea. The palm trees. The castles from the crusaders. I felt so much like in a movie.

The market. I bought 4 kilograms of fresh cherries for about 4 Euros !

Definitely worth another visit. I’m sure, that there are many other places, that are a must to see.

After our walk, we came back to the port. Shabby place, full of garbage, dead fish and little boats.

A backyard in Sidon.

The vegetable shop.

And of course, straying cats.