Sina – a closeup portrait session

So quite a while ago I’ve gotten myself a set of Yongnou flashes and home studio equipment, such as a SMDV-otcobox and a strip light.

I’ve always thought that using a flash produces these flat and highly overexposed photos that you always seem to have with inbuilt flashes on digital cameras. After some test shots here at my place and a few tutorial videos from the internet, I felt confident enough to ask the pretty Sina for some random test shots.

The location was my living room and some dim lighting and two flashes.


We didn’t have a certain subject on this particular shooting, we just wanted to play a bit with the lighting and posing.


Being completely inexperienced with flashes and artificial lighting, I found it sometimes hard to control the light and work with the flashes – since it’s not continuous lighting. Until now I’ve been only shooting available light – which I definitely prefer.


Yet we had a fun evening with the beautiful Sina and more photo shootings will come.