Sunday Tour

The market in Sin el-Fil. Tim wanted to see  the sunday market and Manu and me accompanied him. Since I’ve spent now many tours to here, there won’t be too many photographs of this location. The fewer, the better.

Somebody was selling passports on top of the hood of a car here.

Sunday Tour 1

And yet again, we were shocked be the poor animals, that are being sold here.

Sunday Tour 2

You remember this little fellow? He is still in this cage 🙁

Sunday Tour 3

And he was very suspicious about the people staring at him.

Sunday Tour 4

These miserable fuckers tied an eagle to the cage. So that everybody could stare at this poor animal. The second I saw that, I really began to rage. Manu and Tim had to leave with me, because I got extremely mad about these people here. Why the fuck do they have to torture these animals?

Sunday Tour 5

We should free them.

Sunday Tour 6