A tour to Tabarka in 2008. God it’s been ages. No fancy stuff, more photos about documenting Tunisia. Fortunatly it wasn’t me, who was riding our car, so I could take some photos.

The daily life in Tunisia.

We saw dozens of these trucks, loaded with weed.

A closeup.

I love travelling here. It’s a nice country, but you have to have a car.

If you don’t have a car, get a donkey.

Love the landscape. Perfect for downhill.

My collegue and me. Looks like adventure, huh? 😀

We even took a trip to the ocean. We never lost our orientation 😉

Don’t know, what was build here. We stopped at this gigantic construction side. Wonders me, how it will look like, after 3 years.

On our way back home, I took some bokeh shots. I was bored.

Next day, litte tour throughout Tunis. Centre-Ville.

I visited the Marché centrale.