Prepare yourself for a long blog entry. In February 2010, Thomas and me planned to have a biking weekend in Tamerza. We headed on Thursday afternoon with our two cars to Gafsa and stayed a night for a short rest in a hotel.

My room. I was prepared with my camera, hiking and biking cloathes and suncream.

Good morning Gafsa.

We started really early, so the city was still asleep.

En route to Tamerza. Sand, electrical towers and asphalt.

My Renault. Perfect for the transport of our two bikes.

After a really long ride, we arrived in the afternoon in Tamerza Palace. The hotel is for me THE most beautiful place on earth. It is located on a valley with the look over an old abandoned berber village.

You have this stunning view over village, from the terrace of the hotel.

When we had our break in the afternoon, I had a glimpse of that feeling, the old pharaohs must have had. There were ice cold drinks, fresh fruits, strong coffee the burning sun and we had a look down to the village, like from a pyramid.

That was my room. Outside: 40 degrees, inside: cool fresh air.

The old village was directly in front of our rooms.

First thing I did after our break: relaxing!

The hotel has such a beautiful architecture.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to show the beauty of that place through photographs. You just have to see that place in real.

Look at the oasis and the mountains. I just want to go there again for a walk.

A little closeup from the village.

We had a guided tour through another oasis and some abandoned ruins there.

Our guide showed us the entrance to a valley next to the oasis. We climbed down and had a walk in the river bed.

We had to walk around the cliffs, this is the backside of the oasis.

Thomas and his girlfriend Raba.

Grand Canyon? Forget it. Tunisia has beautiful landscape, too.

Our guide and the entrance into the valley. Fortunately Thomas girlfriend is Tunisian, so she made a very inexpensive deal with our guide.

It was already late afternoon and sun played with it’s most beautiful sunlight.

In winter, this empty river bed is full of water.

There was just pure silence. No sounds at all.

Ahead on the cliffs, an old castle.

We continued our walk and headed for that castle. It was a nice walk. No other tourists, just the three of us and our guide. I love it, when you’re off the mainstream. That is the true way to me, to discover some places and countries.

No digital enhancement on that picture. The colour is real.

We exited then the valley and headed back to the hotel, while we passed the castle. Unfortunatly I totally forgot it’s name and story.

At that point, Thomas and me decided to have our bike tour through the oasis and the valley.

Of course. It was about time for some tourists shots. I hate them. Me.

Raba and me.

After the most amazing dinner in the hotel, we changed into a lounge downstairs. We had some drinks and enjoyed the silence in front of the chimney.

The fire had such a calming effect on me.

Thomas and Raba. We stayed for about 3 hours there. I had so much fun this evening. We talked and discussed a lot.

After a long and deep sleep, we headed to another oasis by car. It was in the south of the hotel and kind of a well visited place. I still wonder, why the hell somebody would visit this place in his vacation? I mean, if you live in that country, it’s another thing. But holidays in that area? Mh.

These hills just looked perfectly to me for a good downhill ride. Unfortunately Thomas didn’t want to. Meh.

An old house from the berbers.

The oasis was hidden in another valley, with a small cataract inside.

It reminded me of the movies with Indiana Jones.

This little cataract was a welcoming cooling to all of us.

And it was full of little lizards, snakes and dragonflies.

Back in the hotel, first thing we did: jump into the pool.

A photo from the village in midday sun.

When temperatures dropped in the afternoon, we began our biking tour on top of the hills at the oasis.

We drove into the opposite direction in the valley. We entered another small cataract and we even had to carry our bikes in our shoulders for quite a while.

A real dream had come true to me. I always wanted to do something like this.

The valley behind the mountain, that was located on the backside of the hotel. The sand was oily and really wet and it was a pain in the ass to cycle there.

We tried to pass around that little lake, but Thomas got stuck in the mud.

I had to drop my bike and pull him out.

The feeling of cold mud on his legs made him cry.

Even worse, the tires from our bikes lost air due to the fact that we hit some spikes from little green plants. We tried to find a shadowed place in the oasis around, to repair our tires.

There was a man, sitting with his back at his donkey. We gave us some fresh water and we could even repair our bikes. It was such an abstract moment to me. Half an our later , two russians passed by. They just had a walk and wondered, why we were here with bikes.

A moment, that I will never forget.

Operation accomplished, rear tire back to work.

After another stunning evening in the hotel, we returned home and stopped in Kairouan. After a ride for 8 hours from Tamerza to Tunis, I was really really exhausted, but thankful for that trip. I wish to return to that place in 2013. Hopefully, see you soon, Tamerza !