Teufelsberg. Berlin. 2007. Stefan and me decided to go there for some photographs. I wasn’t excepting such a beautiful location. It’s an abandoned area in the middle of Berlin. The american army was stationed there for some audio monitoring recon stuff. I don’t know when they abandoned it, but it must have been a couple of years now, the whole site is kind of looted and destroyed. I recall, that it was a beautiful morning in spring 2007. Sun was shining, we had a warm breeze and it was totally quiet.

After we climbed some stairs, we reached one of these dozen buildings and had a stunning view over Berlin.

It was really really beautiful.

Inside, sprayers did their work. Before I came to photography, I always wanted to become a good sprayer. I even did some scetches, but I never finished a real good piece. I never had the concentration, to work hard enough for pieces like this. Credits to the unknown sprayers here. I will keep my mouth shut and let them do their work. Enjoy their art.


Beautiful, huh ?

On the rooftop, their have been these “domes”. Inside their must have been all the electronic stuff for recon. But obviously, all the equipment was gone. I felt like on a spacestation, kind of. Strange stuff.

I could stare at these things for hours.

Inside of a dome.

Welcome to Mars.

Stefan brought his 400mm lens. He was trying to capture the Fernsehturm.

Nice, huh ?

Nice, huh ?

We tried not to fall down.

Some more great art.

This is how I imagine Tchernobyl.

Inside, everything was destroyed.