The animal market

Hans had a tour with me and the other guys to the animal market in “Sin el fil”. Scary place. Cheap crap from china, plastik toys and endless boxes of sick and near dead animals.

As long as I have the change to show this grievance, I will do it. Hans was so kind and supported me.

The animal market 1

Yet he was laughing, but as soon as he saw these pool fellas suffering, he stopped immediately. We do humans have to treat animals like this.


The animal market 2

And everybody thinks it’s fucking funny to see a monkey in a cage.

Each time I get there, I rage.

The animal market 3

I asked. They cost 400 dollars.

The animal market 4

You can buy dogs, eagles, peacocks, cats, turtles, pigeons, snakes and fish.

It makes me sick how people treat them there. As if these living creatures were already dead. Toys for the children, gifts for the high days and holidays.


What a sad world, we live in.

The animal market 5