The first colourfilm

Just by chance I got myself years ago an old Rolleiflex 2.8f. I found it in a little shop in the souqs of Tunis. For quite a while I used it for street photohgraphy and portrait only with black and white film.

Since I love working with new gear and films in photography, I purchased a roll of Fujichrome Velvia 100 rollfilm to see how it would work out to shoot in the streets with a colour negative film.

Actually it was now in 2016 the first time for me, that I could see the scanned and digitalized version of the negatives, since I’ve got myself a scanner and finished after a couple of days with non-stop scanning all of my medium format negatives.

More stuff is yet to come.

This shot was taken in a random bar in Berlin.


Mäggie being portrayed.


I love the outcome of this film. Currently I’m shooting with Agfa Portrait 160, but I definately purchase a few more of these rolls, if I can get my hands on them.

It’s also a very elegant and discreet way to work with the Rolleiflex in street. I always found it very intrusive to work with a bulky DLSR and I was never confident enough to bring such a plastic monster into the urban areas of a metropolis.


At that time – it must have been around 2008 – I was randomly taking photographs without any serious intention. I’m still not sure how to describe my photography, but at least I feel that I’m a bit more focused now.

This was taken at our ship hoist here in Oranienburg.


I’ve spend my days wandering around in my hometown and I tried to find interesting things to photograph.

Even if I’m considering these photographs of not being my best, I sill love to share them.

I can find good memories in them.