The hangar

Years ago I just phorographed abandoned locations. In my hometown there are dozens of them. After WWII, the russian army had an outpost here. They left our town in 1993 and that why you’ll find until now empty barracks, hangars and ruins in my city.

There’s one hangar, that I visited alot of times. It was very calm inside – no birds, no sounds, just nothing. And I was suprised, that we have some graffity crews here. With 30.000 inhabitants, it’s just a small city. Credit to the unknown artists.

Inside – plain destruction.

But they used the doors as canvas.

I recall, that it was autumn. Cold and cloudy.

Russian style. I’m interessted, what kind of planes started from there.

Inside again. It was funny to get there. We had to climb through broken windows, becaus all the doors have been welded.

And why the hell did somebody bring a doll in here?

We didn’t play hangman.

Outside, it’s an area with a small forest, mushrooms and deer. Nice to have a walk there.

But you have to take care of the wire. It’s just everywhere.

Wasn’t there a quote from Jurrassic Parc? “Life finds it’s way…”

I never took any portraits these days. Just photos from destroyed places and rotten stuff. Interessting, how much my photography has changed in all these years.










Behind the hangar.

Always a way for some colour disbalance.