The russian past

Fog always creates an atmosphere that I like. Thats why I went again – on a tour in 2006 – to our old, abandoned hangar. It looked very creepy to me. Like an old abandoned warehouse in a zombie movie.

I always enjoyed being at these kind of places. You could climb where ever you wanted to. Nobody cared what you did. Except that you had to be careful – if some injuries happened – you were alone there.

The hangar is surrounded by a forest and some plain fields. It’s interesting, how quit it can be there. We didn’t even hear the birds sing. But I kept my focus on capturing this old building.

We had some trouble to get inside. Somebody welded the large hangar-doors. We had to steal ourselves into the hangar through the windows.

That was one of the main entrances for us. The little rooms at the lefthand side gave us – with their broken windows – a perfect entry.

Funny thing is, that there was always some kind of tension. Will we be caught? Will there be others, that inflitrade this area? When we were outside, it was always nice to alone again. No police or other people around us.