The waterfall at Afqa

Last weekend, Nico and me went to Afqa in the north of Lebanon. Our aim was to visit the grotto and it’s waterfall. We started around 9 o’clock in the morning and went through a couple of small villages on a dusty road.

There was still some ice on the mountains at the horizon.

The road was super dusty. Fortunately we drove a jeep. But it was still a pain in the ass.

10 o’clock. Already 30 degrees celsius.

But eventually we drove on a real street.

The landscape looked almost sculpted. It must be stunning to hike and climb here. It’s defiantly on my to-do list now.

The waterfall. It came directly out of the mountain. Ice cold water. Pandemonium.

Of course we had to climb inside the cave.

I was glad, that this place wasn’t overrun by tourists. We have been the only ones, that walked around the grotto.

Beautiful scenery. Reminded me of the excavation site of Doom 3.

From here on, it wasn’t possible to go any further without climbing equipment.

We had a walk to the nearest bridge, where the water flows through.

After another ride for a hour, we arrived at a beautiful valley. We took a different route as we got to Afqa and we found a small church.

C’mon. Isn’t that THE location for the Left 4 Dead scenario? I wanted to have a look inside, but the church was closed.

We decided to go on and stopped in the only restaurant far and wide. They served us bread with minced meat. It was okay for the price. I loved the outlook of their restaurant.

Of course, time for posing.

In between, Nico lost orientation. Not only once, but at least twice. Working with an old-school map can be challenging.

The city with the restaurant was totally lost.

We only came from time to time across other cars and people. I enjoyed the trip, due to the fact that Beyrouth itself can be a bit too crowded from time to time.

When we entered the city, I felt like in an old western movie. Do you see the cross? Stunning.