Those scenes we loveth – a theatre photography session at the Booze Cooperativa in Athens

In December 2016 I worked on a photoshoot for the “Those scenes we loveth” performance.

It was a collaborative assignment that brought together different scenes from Shakespeare’s plays directed by different students and presented in front of a live audience as a tribute to Shakespeare by the master degree students in Theatre Studies of the Open University of Cyprus.

This performance took place at Booze Cooperativa here in the heart of Athens.

Before this  performance could take place, all the actors had to prepare themselves for their roles. Vanessa Christodoulou did not only an awesome job with the play – she chose to stage Titus Andronicus, but also with the makeup and prop preparations. More of behind the scenes work will be put into another blog entry.

I also deeply appreciate the chance to display some of my past works from another collaboration with Vanessa on Macbeth. A kind gift for my birthday which made the working here at Booze even more enjoyable.

Katherina waiting behind the scenes with me for the actors to return and the final play to begin. She was also my test subject for my speedlights and did an obviously stunning job here.

I used one Yongnou speed light flash with a little soft box, my Canon 5d MK II and the 85mm 1.2f lens. Perfect combination for theater photography.

Natasa as girl with the hat.

Ioanna as damsel in distress with blood on her hands.

The one and only Macbeth to me – Thodoris Tsouanatos. Vanessa, the directress and Johanna as main character.

The maincast united for a quick fun portrait. Time to begin I’d say.

Since Titus is quite an classic theatre play – I love how the actors tattooed bodies put contrast in between past and present and their dance of death.

It’s always so much fun to work with him. Absolutly a highly professional and very talented actor.

Nancy Gyka with her stunning performance.

Our guitarplayer.

Cheers my friend – John who played as Saturnius.

I absolutely love this shoot and I’m very happy with the outcome. Their costumes, makeup and acting skills worked perfectly together.

Stelios Giannakos determined to execute his deadly profession.

To be or not to be. To die or to live. To act or to wait. In the end it didn’t matter. Only their stunning performance did.

Great work everyone.