Those scenes we loveth – theatre photography session – behind the scenes

Those scenes we loveth.

That was the title of a collaborative assignment by different students of the Open University of Cyprus. You can find the final results of the photo-shooting on my latest blog entry here.

But for now I want to share some of the behind the scenes impressions during the preparations of the play.

First soundcheck in the Booze Cooperativa .

Vanessa Christodoulou checking the play and the actors texts.

One of the actors did a avantgardistic dance within the audience. Due to it’s preparational character, we used our actors as audience.

How would the audience react to such a close performance within them?

Ioanna as damsel in distress with blood on her hands.

Even the smallest item can be useful for a theatre scenery.

Promoting flyers for the “Those scenes we loveth” performance.

Thodoris Tsouanatos turning once more into Macbeth. Or shall I rather say Titus Andronicus ?

In between – little breaks and selfies.

A moment of silence for the main actor and character of the play.

And once more some selfies for family and loved ones.

Even if the stage here at the Booze Cooperativa is a small one – the sound we’ve had was a blast.

To snap, or not to snap. That is one’s true question.

The lighting was intimidating yet very beautiful and put a perfect spot on Stelios Giannakos before he executed his deadly profession.

Great work everyone.