Those scenes we loveth – theatre photography session – the play

Since I shared behind the scenes work and the finals results of the “Thos scenes we loveth” play in Booze Cooperativa, I also need to share some impressions of the actual play.

Stelios Giannakos with is stunning performance as Hamlet.

Whenever you have the possibility to see him on stage – don’t miss it.

In between Thanasis – who also worked on the sounds for the play Hamlet tuned in some dark ambient noises.

A masquerade on stage.

A leftover? A loved one? A hidden message?

You decide.

Alexandra Tsotanidou and Martha Arnaoutoglou as Viola and Olivia – a character complexion man and / or woman from “Twelve Night“.

Their performance was outstanding. A dance in the dark. No sounds, no voices, only their movement and dacing.

There was room full of interpretations an quietness.

The crucial scene. If they’d knew what they were about to eat…

A dance into death.

The beautiful Johanna undergoing a transformation into LaviniaTitus‘ daughter.

And soon all of them were gone.