Welcome to Mars

I love available light. I really do. I was lucky to find this place in the law school, i’ve been to. A collegue of mine joined me there.

We we’re pretty surprised about the light. I felt like on a station on Mars. Or at least like a place, that has to look like this. We heard noises of the air-conditioning system, the vents and our own footsteps on the ground. Creepy atmosphere.

Either an old space station, or an abandoned spaceship. That is, what first came into my mind, when I entered this place.

Zombie attack !

That place would be perfect for a sci-fi short movie.

I love the way, how the light from above throws these shadows on the wall. Amazing place for portraits. Unfortunatly, I didn’t have a flash or a reflector at that time. Definatly too dark for available light portraits.

Amazin texture.

Of course I had to get a portrait of me at that time. It’s me with 21 years. Short hair and really skinny. But I love the light. Looks so unreal.

The light formed unbelievable shadows.

I did no colour correction. With the red toning, the whole location became a threatening atmosphere.