Welcome to the island

Welcome to the island. Today I will take you on a tour, that you will never forget.

Stranded on a lonesome island. Somewhere in the south pacific. At least I felt like this, when I saw this kind of abandoned area in Washington D.C. While I made my internship there, my good friend Sven visited me. We had a walk into the woods, right in the middle of D.C. A collegue of mine, that lived there, had shown me that place.

We entered the site and I was stunned by the light. Even right in the middle of D.C., you felt totally alone. No noises from the streets, no sound of the helicopters, or anything from the urban life.

Where ever we had a look at, there was either forest or wildlife. Amazing !

When we got closer to the fence, I just had the feeling of beeing on the island of “Lost”. I have to admit, that I’m quite a geek. At that time, I was watching the first season of “Lost”. And I was stunned by the pictures and locations of that series. I loved the feeling, of beeing lost on a lonesome island somehwhere in the nowhere. Also, I played “Farcry” at that time. Hours a day, which I spend on these islands. Damn, I just found a place, that was exactly like in the game.

The entrance of an abandoned laboratory on the island…

What will we find behind this fence?

Next to us, we found a smal valley. Unfortunatly it was destroyed, due to the masses of water. There was a stormy weekend before and the rain destroyed the road in front of us.

The light was perfect. Not to flat, but a perfect game with the shadows. There was a cool and soft breeze, between the trees. The only sound we could hear, was the rustling of the leafes.

We had a careful look, if we where alone.

I wanted to get through the fence, but it was closed with a lock. To get around the fence was too dangerous. I was afraid to slip in the debris, that lied around the valley.

Sven captured the location with his Sony camera. Actually I never saw the film…

The righthand side was blocked with trees and brushwood. There was no other way in, besides the fence. I had to enter it.

I made myself thinner than air and I slipped past through it. While I made some photos of the scenery, Sven checked out, if there were police of some people coming. I was actually pretty scared of beein caught there by the police. But I needed these photos. This location was just to beautiful to me.

A quick look back and another photograph of the destroyed road in front of me.

The gate has been locked.

But I went back to capture more photos. There was now more bright light and I made a wonderful contrast to the leafs and their shadows.

Love that scene.

I actually never walked to the end of the street. I was to afraid of getting caught. I even checked google earth, but it is impossible to see, where the road leads to.

There was a level in Farcry, where you attacked a laboraty on the mountain. Jack came out of the forest and attacked the base, that was protected by roadblocks. Would be a nice scenery here, for a B-Movie. Or a paintball game !

Nowadays I wouldn’t care of I would get caught. I would just try to discover this place. Next time, D.C., next time.

Crime scene?

My favorite shot from that day.

In the end I just can repeat myself. I love locations, that give you a feeling of “beeing cut off”. Not only from the noises and people, but also from life. They give you the feeling of beeing at some place, were you are not allowed to stay. Were the unthinkable can happen. Unfortunatly it is nowadays so rare to find places like this. Everything on this planet is inhabited and already discovered. But I you find a place like this, you can let your phantasy work out some magic.